Solar for Every American.  

A solar array is installed in America every two minutes, driving energy savings to American families and allowing them to participate in the renewable energy revolution.

Still, nearly 80 percent of us can’t install rooftop solarand there’s no single cause. Many look into installing solar on their homes, only to discover that they can't. Sometimes a tree is shading their home, or they have poor rooftop orientation or structural problems. Others have trouble paying upfront installation costs, or are renters or condo-owners. Some simply don’t have the right FICO score to participate in solar financing programs.

Solstice was founded on the belief that every household in the United States can be powered by affordable renewable energy. Community solar allows residents subscribe to a shared solar farm in their area and receive savings on their utility bill without any upfront cost or rooftop installation.  Community solar can address market obstacles and bring solar to every American. Solstice works to make enrolling in your local community solar farm as simple and straightforward as possible.

Our Mission: To Put Community Solar Within Reach for Every American

 Learn more with our infographic:  Why 77% of U.S. Homes Can't Get Solar Energy

Learn more with our infographic: Why 77% of U.S. Homes Can't Get Solar Energy

We believe that clean energy savings should be available to everyone, no matter their income. But the reality is that the people who need solar savings the mostlow- and moderate-income Americansare currently the least likely to get rooftop solar. By deploying community solar, Solstice pushes for greater energy equity and a future in which clean energy works for every American household, regardless of income level, credit score, or other markers of privilege.

People have long asked what it will take for our society to act on climate change. We believe that given the opportunity, everyday Americans will take part in the renewable energy revolution--so we make it our job to give them that opportunity.

Solstice is solar for all.


Our Values


Do what's right, not what's easy


Expand the benefits of the green economy to all


Stay humble and hungry to learn


Opportunity favors sweat and execution


Acknowledge others first for successes

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I decided to sign up because I feel that I owe it to our future generation. Climate change is very evident now and it’s really our responsibility to try and do something to help.
— Paula, Solstice Customer, Dover, MA
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